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As the country’s foremost Road Retexturing & Rejuvenation specialist, RETEX follows four core principles:  
Service. Dedication. Experience. Passion. 

We understand the complex challenges that clients in our sector often face. That’s why RETEX stays at the cutting edge of technology to ensure we have the latest, most effective solutions for our customers. Using integrative project management strategies and ecologically responsible methods, our solutions guarantee matchless success.





Rubber Removal

RETEX’s Cleanstar technology is the ultimate in water blasting. High-pressure jets deliver exceptional rubber removal without using any harmful chemicals. Vacuum waste recovery ensures an ecologically sound result.

Retexturing & Rejuvenation

Road pavements can be made as good as new with RETEX’s state of the art Cleanstar technology. High-pressure water blasting rectifies flush bitumen and wheel rutting. Texture depth, skid resistance and longevity are restored.

Friction Testing

Using Australia’s only certified SARSYS friction value testing units, RETEX will promptly and efficiently provide real-time electronic reporting on airport runway safety. Compliance with CASA and ICAO standards is assured.

Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

Audio tactile delineation is proven to aid road safety. OzRumble, RETEX's all-weather, self-propelled cutting machine, provides simple yet effective audio tactile grooving to all major highway and arterial road surfaces.



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Latest project Sunshine Coast  Council

Retexturing & rejuvenation

Retex Pavement Services were engaged by Sunshine Coast Council to Retexture a section of road that was flushing at Karawatha Drive, Mountain Creek. 
The works carried out were over 2000m2 on a busy intersection of the road Retex Pavement Services successfully restored the skid resistance providing a safer trip for motorists entering the intersection during wet weather.

Canberra Airport - Runway Friction Testing

Road Retexturing & RejuvenationWho are Retex? Road Retexturing & Rejuvenation Specialists

RETEX are constantly seeking to keep at the forefront of market development and product design, and we are constantly evolving our integrative project management solutions to address the many complex problems which the aviation, and road infrastructure pavement sectors face.

With over 20 years’ experience in Road Retexturing & Rejuvenation, RETEX is now Australia's largest, and most recognised pavement services company; servicing the aviation and road infrastructure industries.


Road Retexturing & Rejuvenation

Servicing all major and regional airport, mining, defence,
and large-scale road infrastructure projects.


Road Retexturing & Rejuvenation

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