RETEX Pavement Services proudly operate on four principal core values:

Service. Passion. Dedication. Experience.

Part of the Roadline Removal Group, RETEX are renown specialists in runway rubber removal, flush bitumen retexturing, friction testing, line removal, road asset maintenance, concrete and asphalt rejuvenation, and rumble cutting.

Using cutting edge technologies and state of the art equipment, RETEX is here to serve you - the customer; the stakeholder; the end user.

With over 20 years experience in pavement services, RETEX is now Australia's largest, and most recognised pavement services company; servicing the aviation and road infrastructure industries.

With environmentally friendly ultra-high pressure water blasting and vacuum waste recovery systems, we proudly work to deliver on our principal values; ensuring that our clients receive best practice advice, and quality workmanship.


Airport Rubber Removal

RETEX’s Cleanstar technology will deliver ultra-high pressure rubber removal without the use of harmful chemicals, using water waste recovery to ensure an environmentally sound process.

Road Retexturing & Rejuvenation

With state of the art Cleanstar technology, RETEX can transform and rejuvenate flush bitumen and spray seal pavements; providing renewed macro texture depth, friction, and pavement longevity.

Airport Friction Testing

RETEX provides certified, real time electronic reporting of pavement friction properties on airport runways using the CASA and ICAO approved SARSYS friction testing units.

Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

OzRumble, RETEX's trusted name in audio tactile rumble cutting can provide simple, yet effective audio tactile pavement grooving to any major highway or arterial road.



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