South Coast Highway Retexturing

Following a number of road accidents on the South Coast Highway, Main Roads

engaged RETEX Pavement Services to address the challenging section of the

regional road network near Denmark, Great Southern region, WA.


Grafton - AS Engineering Cleanstar Retexturing

AS Engineering recently coordinated the retexturing of a flushed bitumen seal on an old section of the Grafton highway in New South Wales, providing the desired friction between vehicles and the pavement. Amazing results from this specialised truck and team! The equipment used is the Retex Cleanstar.


Stapleton - Road Asset management

Innovative road surface retexturing method cuts time in half. This was not only a great outcome for road users but also delivered positive sustainability outcomes - given the machinery was on the road less while performing the same amount of work.


Brisbane Airport - Touchdown Areas

Retex Pavement Services were engaged to remove rubber deposits from both touchdown areas of runway 01R/19L at Brisbane Airport. A total of 7000m2 of rubber was removed in 5 hours, improving skid resistance for both touchdown areas. The works took place during a heavy maintenance shutdown of the runway.


Gold Coast Airport - Friction Testing

Consult with Airside Asset Management and Maintenance Plan document which outlines regular friction testing regime and inspections, including electronic reporting supplied at conclusion of testing. Provide Maintenance Plan which outlines regulatory requirements for pavement friction values to ensure safe operation of aerodrome.


Brisbane Airport - Crossing Removal

Removal of a pedestrian crossing using our EHR CLEANSTAR in providing ultra-high-pressure water blasting and retexturing services. With a fully encapsulated vacuum unit attached to the vehicle, all rubber and debris is picked up upon removal, meaning only one pass is required to provide a clean, high friction surface ready for take-off and landing.


Western Australian - Rubber Removal

Fulton Hogan awarded a large road retexturing project to our Western Australian crew, requiring high pressure water blasting to remove flush bitumen and restore the road condition along a major heavy vehicle route. Requiring a 2-3mm surface macro-texture, water blasting was identified as the most successful and proven methodology to achieve these specifications.


Sunshine Coast Council - Flushing and Retexturing

Retex Pavement Services were engaged by Sunshine Coast Council to Retexture a section of road that was flushing at Karawatha Drive, Mountain Creek. The works carried out were over 2000m2 on a busy intersection of the road Retex Pavement Services successfully restored the skid resistance providing a safer trip for motorists entering the intersection during wet weather.


Canberra Airport - Runway Friction Testing

Runway Safety is one of the aviation industry’s largest ongoing compliance thresholds, specified by CASA and ICAO as being crucial to passenger and user safety. Built up rubber from landing aircraft can create friction hazards in wet weather, and regular friction audits allows all major airports to keep ahead of this ongoing maintenance issue.

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