RETEX Pavement Services expert team operate nationally,
servicing all major and regional airport, mining, defence,
and large-scale road infrastructure projects.


Who We Are

RETEX Pavement Services constantly seeks to keep at the forefront of market development and product design. We are continually evolving our integrative project management solutions to address the many complex problems that the aviation and road infrastructure pavement sectors face.

Boasting the world’s largest and most effective water blaster, the EHR Cleanstar and RETEX have positioned themselves to deliver the ultimate runway rubber removal and flush bitumen retexturing across Australia and New Zealand.

Our construction methodologies operate within an integrated management system, focusing on achieving and maintaining a ‘zero harm’ workplace health and safety record and ensuring ecologically sound work procedures are front and centre of our project management strategies.

RETEX proudly utilises environmentally friendly vacuum waste recovery procedures, capturing all wastewater and removing certified waste management procedures.



Equipment We Use

With customised ultra-fine jets across multiple blast heads, the EHR Cleanstar is the ultimate in water blasting and retexturing technology, the only truck of its kind in the world.

Removing runway rubber, flush bitumen, paint spills, and excess road material is no match for the Cleanstar; its high-pressure jets quickly strip away the unwanted material, cleanly leaving the pavement and aggregate stable and intact.

Unlike other methods which can produce dust, silica, or rely on chemical use, water blasting is a safe way to rejuvenate texture and return friction properties to the pavement whilst producing a consistently exceptional result.

With the ability to remove dual-wheel paths, and up to 3.8m road widths in a single pass, the Cleanstar has a high productivity ratio.

Complimenting this large-scale projectability is the Stripe Hog 3000, which specialises in small to medium-sized removal projects. The Stripe Hog removes unwanted paint, thermoplastic, cold applied plastic, concrete curing compounds, and pavement markings effectively, promptly, and cleanly.

RETEX also owns and operates two SARSYS Friction Testing units; self-contained, European designed, and CASA approved for aerodrome runways.

This capability allows us to provide major and regional aerodromes and airports with real-time electronic runway friction reporting against planned maintenance thresholds.

A fully automated, calibrated plant ensures safe and accurate performance, minimal disruption, pavement longevity, compliance, and integrity.




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