Airport Rubber Removal

If you are considering high-pressure water blasting as your chosen runway rubber removal option, then take comfort - the world’s largest water blasting unit is right here in Australia. RETEX are specialists in managing high movement runway rubber removal. We operate a safe, reliable, and prompt water blasting capacity, which won’t impede on flight movements or airport operations.

The runway is your single most crucial asset, and RETEX is there to support you by providing state of the art, world first high-pressure water blasting technology; which doesn’t leave FOD on the pavement or use harmful chemicals to remove the rubber.

RETEX has the capability to mobilise anywhere in Australia, servicing even remote and regional aerodromes. Grooved, flat, concrete, or asphalt pavements are all able suitable for rubber removal using water blasting.





When you engage RETEX to service your runway, you will be in good hands.

Stripping build-up via a series of finely tuned blast heads, the EHR Cleanstar removes rubber deposits with ease. With a fully encapsulated vacuum unit attached to the vehicle, all rubber and debris is picked up upon removal, meaning only one pass is required to provide a clean, high friction surface ready for take off and landing.

Further, our in-house project management team will ensure that all your removal requirements, safety regulations, and security measures are handled with the sensitivity and professionalism that your organization demands. All our licenced operators are ASIC approved for airside works, and we provide project specific construction methodologies, safe working procedures, and applicable risk mitigation strategies.

With no job too small or large, RETEX can facilitate all airport and aerodrome rubber removal projects, from overlay preparations to regular compliance maintenance programs, and even one-off rubber cleaning on remote aerodrome runways.