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Experienced Civil Friction Testing specialist, RETEX is guided by four core values:
Service. Passion. Dedication. Experience.

Clients in our sector are often presented with complicated challenges. At RETEX, we stay at the cutting edge of technology to ensure our solutions are always the most effective for our customers. Integrative project management, state-of-the-art equipment and an environmentally responsible ethos combine to provide a winning formula.


Rubber Removal

RETEX’s Cleanstar technology is the ultimate in water blasting. High-pressure jets deliver exceptional rubber removal without using any harmful chemicals. Vacuum waste recovery ensures an ecologically sound result.

Retexturing & Rejuvenation

Road pavements can be made as good as new with RETEX’s state of the art Cleanstar technology. High-pressure water blasting rectifies flush bitumen and wheel rutting. Texture depth, skid resistance and longevity are restored.

Friction Testing

Using Australia’s only certified SARSYS friction value testing units, RETEX will promptly and efficiently provide real-time electronic reporting on airport runway safety. Compliance with CASA and ICAO standards is assured.

Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

Audio tactile delineation is proven to aid road safety. OzRumble, RETEX's all-weather, self-propelled cutting machine, provides simple yet effective audio tactile grooving to all major highway and arterial road surfaces.



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Latest project Brisbane Airport Corporation

Civil friction testing projects

Removal of a pedestrian crossing using our EHR CLEANSTAR in providing ultra-high-pressure water blasting and retexturing services. With a fully encapsulated vacuum unit attached to the vehicle, all rubber and debris is picked up upon removal, meaning only one pass is required to provide a clean, high friction surface ready for take-off and landing.

Canberra Airport - Runway Friction Testing

Choosing RETEX, Australia’s top Civil Friction Testing experts

When you choose RETEX, you get the best. We provide the latest technology in road and aviation pavement, including a world-class ecological water blaster. Our mission is to continually evolve, staying ahead of product design and development to ensure we have the integrative solutions to satisfy every client. 

Australia’s biggest and best-known specialist in Civil Friction Testing and road pavement restructuring, the team at RETEX has been honing its skills for over 20 years. For aviation and road infrastructure needs, we’re your go-to experts.

Servicing all major and regional airport, mining, defence,
and large-scale road infrastructure projects.



Retex - Experts In Civil Friction Testing

To discuss future requirements, or to book an appointment with one of our team, please contact us today and find out more about our wide range of Civil Friction Testing services.  Retex has offices in all states and territories.


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