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Experienced Road Audio Tactile Rumble Strips specialist, RETEX is guided by four core values:
Service. Passion. Dedication. Experience.

Clients in our sector are often presented with complicated challenges. At RETEX, we stay at the cutting edge of technology to ensure our solutions are always the most effective for our customers. Integrative project management, state-of-the-art equipment and an environmentally responsible ethos combine to provide a winning formula.


Rubber Removal

RETEX uses Cleanstar technology for ultimate high-pressure water blasting. Rubber is seamlessly removed without using harsh or toxic chemicals. Water waste recovery completes the effective, eco-friendly outcome.

Retexturing & Rejuvenation

Road pavements are rigorously restored using RETEX’s Cleanstar technology. High-pressure blasting corrects wheel rutting, flush bitumen and spray seal. Skid resistance and macro texture depth are reinstated for long-term resilience.

Friction Testing

Using ICAO and CASA approved SARSYS testing units, RETEX carries out certified, real-time electronic reporting of airport runway friction properties. Quick and efficient measurement of an entire runway yields results within hours.

Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

Rumble strips save lives. RETEX’s specialist machine, OzRumble, cuts audio tactile grooving into road pavement surfaces. Self-propelled, it operates in all weathers, meaning less downtime on site due to bad weather.



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Latest project Sunshine Coast Council

road audio rumble strips projects

Retex Pavement Services were engaged by Sunshine Coast Council to Retexture a section of road that was flushing at Karawatha Drive, Mountain Creek. 
The works carried out were over 2000m2 on a busy intersection of the road Retex Pavement Services successfully restored the skid resistance providing a safer trip for motorists entering the intersection during wet weather.

Canberra Airport - Runway Friction Testing

RETEX, Australia’s Road Audio Tactile Rumble Strips experts

When you hire RETEX, you can be sure of the best. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and on putting you – the customer, stakeholder and end user – first. Staying ahead of technology and innovation in pavement services, we provide integrative strategies to resolve the most complex challenges.

As Australia’s best-known contractor for Road Audio Tactile Rumble Strips and road pavement restructuring, RETEX has been ahead of the business for over 20 years. That’s why we’re your go-to specialists for all aviation and road infrastructure requirements.

Servicing all major and regional airport, mining, defence,
and large-scale road infrastructure projects.



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RETEX – gurus in Road Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

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