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Experienced Civil Audio Tactile Rumble Strips specialist, RETEX is guided by four core values:  
Service. Passion. Dedication. Experience.

Clients in our sector are often presented with complicated challenges. At RETEX, we stay at the cutting edge of technology to ensure our solutions are always the most effective for our customers. Integrative project management, state-of-the-art equipment and an environmentally responsible ethos combine to provide a winning formula. 


Rubber Removal

High-pressure water blasting effectively removes runway rubber. RETEX uses the world’s largest water-blasting unit. No chemicals are required and water waste is recovered, meaning this safe, reliable process doesn’t harm the environment.

Retexturing & Rejuvenation

Give road pavements a new lease of life with RETEX’s cutting-edge Cleanstar technology. Water blasting rectifies wheel rutting and flush bitumen. Texture depth and skid resistance are restored, longevity is assured.

Friction Testing

Runway friction testing is necessary to keep passengers and staff safe. Using SARSYS friction value testing units, RETEX will measure an entire runway within hours and generate an electronic report. CASA and ICAO compliant.

Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

Audio tactile delineation is proven to save lives on major arterial highways and motorways. RETEX’s all-weather, self-propelled OzRumble machine cuts long-lasting rumble strips into road pavement surfaces with ease.



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Latest project Gold Coast Airport

Civil Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

Consult with Airside Asset Management and Maintenance Plan document which outlines regular friction testing regime and inspections, including electronic reporting supplied at conclusion of testing. Including: Provide Maintenance Plan which outlines regulatory requirements for pavement friction values to ensure safe operation of aerodrome. Supply & Perform Friction Testing to runway (both directions). Supply electronic report of test results. Supply client with mapped locations for rubber removal, if required.

Canberra Airport - Runway Friction Testing

The leading Civil Audio Tactile Rumble Strips experts

We provide the most up-to-date technology in aviation and road infrastructure pavement, including the world’s largest and most effective water blaster. We constantly evolve our integrative solutions to address the challenges faced by this sector. We seek to stay at the forefront of market development and product design.

RETEX is Australia’s largest, most recognised specialist in Civil Audio Tactile Rumble Strips and road retexturing, boasting over 20 years’ experience servicing the aviation and road infrastructure industries.

Servicing all major and regional airport, mining, defence,
and large-scale road infrastructure projects.



RETEX - Civil Audio Tactile Rumble Strips professionals

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