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Providing solutions for all Road Friction Testing needs, RETEX is driven by four core principles:
Passion. Dedication. Experience. Service.

Our clients are often faced with complex challenges. RETEX stays at the forefront of technology to ensure we provide the most effective solutions. Cutting-edge equipment, an integrative project management approach and ‘zero harm’ environmental procedures combine to give our customers the very best end result.


Rubber Removal

High-pressure water blasting effectively removes runway rubber. RETEX uses the world’s largest water-blasting unit. No chemicals are required and water waste is recovered, meaning this safe, reliable process doesn’t harm the environment.

Retexturing & Rejuvenation

Give road pavements a new lease of life with RETEX’s cutting-edge Cleanstar technology. Water blasting rectifies wheel rutting and flush bitumen. Texture depth and skid resistance are restored, longevity is assured.

Friction Testing

Runway friction testing is necessary to keep passengers and staff safe. Using SARSYS friction value testing units, RETEX will measure an entire runway within hours and generate an electronic report. CASA and ICAO compliant.

Audio Tactile Rumble Strips

Audio tactile delineation is proven to save lives on major arterial highways and motorways. RETEX’s all-weather, self-propelled OzRumble machine cuts long-lasting rumble strips into road pavement surfaces with ease.



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Latest Project Fulton Hogan Western Australia

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Fulton Hogan awarded a large road retexturing project to our Western Australian crew, requiring high pressure water blasting to remove flush bitumen and restore the road condition along a major heavy vehicle route. Requiring a 2-3mm surface macro-texture, water blasting was identified as the most successful and proven methodology to achieve these specifications. Extending the life of the pavement and eliminating slip hazards in wet conditions are major benefits of road retexturing. Utilising our efficient Stripe Hog technology allowed us to undertake the rejuvenation works and successfully deliver the project against time and budget constraints.

Canberra Airport - Runway Friction Testing

RETEX, Australia’s Road Friction Testing experts

When you hire RETEX, you can be sure of the best. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and on putting you – the customer, stakeholder and end user – first. Staying ahead of technology and innovation in pavement services, we provide integrative strategies to resolve the most complex challenges.

As Australia’s best-known contractor for Road Friction Testing and road pavement restructuring, RETEX has been ahead of the business for over 20 years. That’s why we’re your go-to specialists for all aviation and road infrastructure requirements.

Servicing all major and regional airport, mining, defence,
and large-scale road infrastructure projects.



Retex - Experts In Road Friction Testing

To discuss future requirements, or to book an appointment with one of our team, please contact us today and find out more about our wide range of Road Friction Testing services.  Retex has offices in all states and territories.


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