Vac Tanker
Liquid Waste Recovery

Retex specialises in liquid waste, trusted and reliable. Our purpose-built vac trucks can perform in any environment, under pressure, on your toughest jobs, when you need it the most.

Our high-performance liquid vacuum truck tank holds a capacity of 24,000 litres and benefits from an opening rear door, allowing the sludge to be easily decanted to provide efficient turnaround times.

Unlike your typical vacuum tanker, our tankers are purpose-built for easy removal of slurries and sludges without using additional water to dilute the solid masses and enabling us to facilitate any extensive vacuum excavation or waste management jobs.

Our vac truck operators are professionally trained in all aspects of vacuum excavation services. To remove waste & liquids from Stormwater pits and drains, Industrial pits, Sewerage systems & sewer pits, Culverts, Filtration systems, and Blocked or damaged drains.




The Earth’s surface is composed of 70% water, not the infinite resource we imagine it to be! 97.5% of all water on Earth is salt water, and less than 1% of the freshwater available is accessible for direct human use.

That near 1% of accessible water does not stretch very far when we do not implement sustainable methods to capture and efficiently recycle.

At RETEX Pavement Services, we do our part and participate in environmental initiatives.



RETEX Pavement Services are certified waste management contractors in QLD, NSW & VIC

Department of Environment & Science Approval # RSO003531 – QLD
Environmental Protection Licence # 21339 – NSW

All waste produced and transported is trackable. The waste transport process is in line with our Environmental Management Plan and Pollution Incident Response Management Plan. A waste transport certificate is provided as part of our quality assurance protocols.

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