When it comes to roads, the safety of roads users is of the highest importance. The loss of macrotexture due to binder bleed, flush bitumen, wheel rutting, camber issues, and skid resistance loss can cause significant problems for road pavements. By creating the right road textures, you reduce safety hazards.

RETEX can service your pavement requirements and alleviate these problems in a single pass using our proven high-pressure water blasting methodologies.

RETEX’s specially designed custom blast jet heads apply high-pressure water through a series of ultra-fine nozzles. This process strips and removes the excess binder and oils from the flush surface, increasing the macrotexture of the pavement restoring both the texture depth and skid resistance of the substrate aggregate.

An onboard computer system adjusts the water pressure, optimising the cut to suit differing road characteristics and to ensure the desired outcome is site-specific. This fine-tuning capability allows the volume of binder removed to be adjusted whilst maintaining critical seal and aggregate retainment.

RETEX will apply industry best practices to deliver the solution with pavement rejuvenation requirements. By tailoring our methodology to suit your specific rejuvenation project, you can be guaranteed to receive the very best in pavement maintenance options.





RETEX has offices in every state and territory, and we can mobilise to regional areas, townships, and cities fast. Our process is environmentally friendly, and we only use high-pressure water (No harmful chemicals or stripping agents).

You will enjoy the benefits of over 20 years of industry experience whilst receiving considered pavement rejuvenation advice and electronic pavement audit reporting.

The EHR Cleanstar can remove dual-wheel paths and up to 3.8m road widths in a single pass; the Cleanstar also has a high productivity ratio. Minimising costs and disruption to stakeholders and road users is limited.

With high-powered vacuum technology at the point of removal, all waste is instantly captured and stored, then removed via certified waste management processes at the end of each shift.

RETEX has completed multiple flush bitumen retexturing projects across Australia. And remains focused on providing the most efficient and cost-efficient pavement rejuvenation capabilities.



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