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Retex Pavement Services water blasting Stripe Hog 3000 is Australia’s most effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly high-pressure water blasting system.

Stripe Hog 3000 is a single, fully self-contained mobile unit. We are combining the benefits of a mobile vehicle blast head and vacuum. liquid and solid debris recovery occur immediately, simultaneous with the blasting process.

The all-in-one, 40,000psi water blast vacuum recovery system means no mess and chemicals. The Stripe Hog can remove pavement marking materials such as thermoplastics, epoxies, glue, tape curing compound, rubber, paint spills, oils, and detritus.

The John Deere tractor provides unmatched manoeuvrability and versatility for removing turn arrows, crosswalk markings, stop bars, etc.

Line Removal via water blasting ensures that all the markings and visibility of removed markings during sun glare, night, or wet surface conditions are minimised.

Simultaneous vacuum recovery allows for the application of new markings in 20 minutes.

In runway emergencies, a Stripe Hog can be safely out of the way within 45 seconds, allowing distressed aircraft to land almost immediately.





Australia’s most experienced and well-equipped road line removal brand, Retex, proudly operates in every Australian State and Territory, mobilising Australia’s most extensive fleet of water blasting units. Using ultra high-pressure water, with a fully encapsulated waste vacuum recovery unit, Retex operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week around Australia for all road line, paint, thermoplastic, and coloured surfacing removal projects.

Roadline Removal Group can provide professional advice on which application best suits the substrate and project requirements.



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