Milled Oz Rumble Strips

Road safety is paramount on major arterial highways and motorways. If you are a road maintenance manager or asset engineer, consider using Milled Oz Rumble Strips in your next budget. We offer practical pavement solutions in addition to user education and other road safety initiatives you may be undertaking.

Rumble Strips are a series of milled-in grooves in the pavement surface, running perpendicular to the direction of vehicle travel. They are located on the carriageway, just outside the delineated travel path, defining the travel limit on both the edge and centre alignment.

This option affords longevity and ensures your road safety measures are reliable, effective, and, most importantly, saving lives.

Developed to limit runoff and cross centre accidents, they have been broadly used in the United States and Scandinavia for over 10 years. They have demonstrated proven results in the crash reduction and significant cost-benefit analysis during that time.





Milled Oz Rumble Strips offer significant benefits over conventional audio-tactile road markings:

  • Up to 50% greater, in-vehicle, audible and tactile warning of lane deviation.
  • No ongoing maintenance of the treatment.
  • Service life is equal to that of the pavement and, in some instances, can be resealed without further treatment.
  • Reduced noise impact to the environment, as Oz Rumble Strips can be located offset to the delineated edge line.
  • Improved line marking performance for markings painted over the rumble strip.
  • The significant whole of life cost advantages over existing line marking systems.
  • Installed through a range of weather conditions.



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