Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What systems do you use?

Retex predominantly uses ultra-high-pressure water blasting during runway
rubber removal, line removal and road retexturing, although grinding or shot
blasting may also be used depending on the application.

Q. Do your line removal treatments scar the road?

While Retex systems aim to keep scarring and damage to a minimum, any
treatment where the coating is removed will inevitably leave a scar on the
underlying pavement.

Q. Do your systems create a mess?

Retex equipment is fully shrouded with a vacuum unit to instantly recover all
rubber, waste and other debris upon its removal. Just one pass is required for
the equipment to provide a clean surface.

Q. Do you use chemicals?

No, there are no harmful chemicals or stripping agents used during the
treatment process. Retex ultra-high-pressure equipment is environmentally
friendly and uses only clean potable water.

Q. What happens to the wastewater?

As registered controlled waste carriers in every Australian state and territory,
Retex ensures that all controlled waste collected by the high-powered vacuum
tankers is transported via certified waste management processes to registered
wastewater treatment facilities.

Q. What happens to the solid waste?

Solid waste such as rubber, thermoplastics, epoxies, glue, tape curing
compound, paint, oils, detritus, and other debris, is stockpiled and disposed of at
registered waste facilities at a later time.

Q. Can your systems be adjusted to suit the application?

All Retex equipment can be adjusted to various water pressures, speeds and
volumes to suit differing road characteristics, substrate aggregates and project
specifications. This ensures an accurate finish and that the outcome is

Q. Can you remove hard materials?

Retex ultra-high-pressure equipment can be configured to remove 50 mpa
concrete as well as paints, epoxies and other hard coatings.

Q. Can you remove soft materials?

Retex ultra-high-pressure equipment can be configured to remove soft rubber
from airport runways without impacting the underlying pavement.

Q. Can you clean pavements?

Retex equipment is best suited for paint spills and other large-scale cleaning
projects in civil infrastructure such as roads, tunnels and freeways.